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That's a Wrap - CiviCon St. Louis in the Books

(Did you miss the chance to attend CiviCon St. Louis? Or perhaps you live in Europe? Good News! CiviCon Cologne in Germany will take place June 9, 2017! All the details here)

By now, if you attended CiviCon St. Louis (and we sure hope you did!), you have had time to process the experience and perhaps even begin to apply some things you learned about CiviCRM. The annual conference took place in the beautiful city of St. Louis, there was so much happening and many great topics that were explored, plus the Sprint that followed, so the CiviCon experience may have required some time to sink in!

Sprint to’s never finished. But progress always!

Following what was a successful annual gathering for CiviCRM community at CiviCON St. Louis, the traditional Sprint commenced boasting 35 in attendance including participants from New Zealand, UK, Canada, and folks from all over the US from the east to west coasts. The Sprint is an annual opportunity for the CiviCRM community to come together and work on developing the CiviCRM software in a context that allows face-to-face interaction as opposed to the usual remote work and conversations.

St. Louis to host North America's largest CiviCRM conference

The location is set so you can start making travel plans to attend this year's CiviCon in St. Louis!

CiviCRM is the leading open source CRM in the world, powering nearly 11,000 nonprofits and civic sector organizations focused on meaningful impact. As the largest CiviCRM conference in North America, CiviCon St. Louis will showcase the incredible capabilities and community around CiviCRM, offering opportunities and insights into fundraising, communications and overall organizational management.

Improvements to language options in CiviCRM

Some may know that CiviCRM operates in many different languages quite effectively. This is a feature receiving consistent improvements, the most recent being the ability for mass emails to identify the spoken language of the mailing recipient.

Until now, there was no effective way for CiviCRM to determine the target language of mail merge tokens when mass emailing. Consequently, many emails would end up with:

Making progress with responsive design improvements

(Content credit to colemanw blogpost on

One of the top goals for the CiviCRM roadmap is to improve the theming to look good on more websites and devices. Briefly, here's a look at what is happening so far:

As of CiviCRM 4.7.11 the dashboard has a face lift. It loads faster, looks better, and refreshes itself automatically so you always have the latest information. And 4.7.13 will include a responsive layout that works great even on tiny screens.

CiviCRM Job Board

Announcing CiviCRM Jobs! In an effort to cultivate their passion for community involvement and to create more opportunities to engage people through the use of a software application, CiviCRM has created a simple jobs board. This board is intended to connect organizations with talent within the CiviCRM ecosystem. Job postings are free until August 15th! After that, there will be a nominal fee to post to the board to help fund the ongoing efforts of the Core Team.