CiviCRM Updates

CiviCRM Core Team Leadership changes following retirement announcement

After eleven years of leadership, Dave Greenberg has announced his retirement from the CiviCRM Core Team. Dave grew up in the sixties with a family passionate to make the world a better place. He has done just that, through his commitment and dedication to creating and maintaining open source software with such a common need for the non-profit community.

Feedback from CiviCon London!

The European CiviCRM Conference had about 150 participants from different countries including UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Spain, plus 4 members from the core team. Europe has a vibrant CiviCRM community too!

Cividesk co-presented 2 sessions on CiviCRM customization and Profiles. We also presented 2 extensions: Google Apps Sync and Helptab to offer more contextual help inside the application.

Sprint session in the Rocky Mountain

If it is ever possible to make a lot of progress working while being completely relaxed at the same time, this was it! CiviCON Denver was immediately followed by a Sprint session located in a stunning and serene environment in Rocky Mountain National Park. Participants worked hard on coding and documentation for CiviCRM, including efforts in translations. Their work was balanced with community building and outdoor adventures. What a fabulous way to support the progress of CiviCRM!

CiviCON Denver 2015: April 22-23

For the first time ever, CiviCon, the largest meet-up in North America for the Civi community, will be held in the Mile High City of Denver, CO. Come by car. Come by plane. But don't miss out on what is expected to be our biggest CiviCON yet. If a road trip is not your best option, keep in mind that Denver International Airport has direct flights from every major US city. Make your travel plans today! Register