Cividesk News

Helpdesk Update

We are continuing to refine our Help Desk process to make it work even smoother.  For our existing clients, the best way to submit an issue is to email

On average, we respond to ticket requests within two hours. Issues are typically solved in less than 11 hours and we generally communicate with the client between two and three times during the process.  

Customer Referral Program

We are pleased to offer a Customer Referral Program.

We believe our customers are our best ambassadors so if you know any organization who could benefit from our services like you have, refer the organization to us. For each organization that becomes a Cividesk customer, your organization will receive a credit (up to $240 value) to spend on training or custom development services.

Ticketing system continues to improve

Cividesk is continuing to improve our support and reponse times using our ticketing system in order to serve our customers in the most efficient way possible. To submit a ticket, either access the ticketing system from the Desk or email Cividesk and a ticket will be created for you.

Send your support inquiries via email:
For Europe/Africa/Middle East:
For US and all other regions: