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CiviTip: "Exporting Data"

We often talk about how to import data from different sources in CiviCRM. However, another common need is to export data from CiviCRM. For example, we can export data to give to other organizations, to combine with other reporting data, to share with people who do not have access to CiviCRM, or  many other reasons. Our CiviTip for May 24, 2016 will teach you how to export data from CiviCRM and into Excel. Click here to register. 

Organize, Maintain your CiviCRM Database and Find the Data you Need

Do you need some extra help cleaning up your data, segmenting contacts or creating reports that provide the data you need? Join us on Wednesday, May 25th at 10 am MDT for a two hour online class designed for current users of CiviCRM. Register here

Learn how to clean up duplicates by gaining a better understanding of the duplicate rules and how to configure a rule that you can use to help regularly clean your data. 

New Curriculum Map: Making it easy to find the right class for your needs

Now our online training classes are even easier to navigate! It's simple to find just the right class to meet your needs with our new visual curriculum map. View it here to see how the classes are organized and make plans for your next training. Classes are broken down into categories for Beginner and Intermediate CiviCRM users and color coded accordingly.

Special Webinar: New Features Review for CiviCRM 4.6

Cividesk is excited about the upgrade to CiviCRM 4.6 and we have designed a special webinar to introduce many of the exciting new features in this version. Participate in this webinar and learn how to leverage these new features to benefit your organization. These webinars are available only for Cividesk customers.

Scheduled webinars: January 13, 18, 22, 26, 28
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New features include: