I am not a robot! Adding reCAPTCHA to Profiles, Contributions Pages and Event Registrations

While using the Internet you have probably stumbled across many CAPTCHAs. CAPTCHAs are the tools that make you enter a word, solve a math problem, pick a picture, etc. to prove you are a human. CAPTCHAs are an important defense against SPAM bots (automated SPAM creators) from filling out forms on your site.  

CiviCRM uses reCAPTCHA that is a project from Google. reCAPTCHA has the visitor click on a box that says, "I'm not a robot." When the person clicks, an algorithm is run to determine if another question is needed to decide if a bot or a human is using the computer.  


In CiviCRM, reCAPTCHA is added in the settings of a profile.To change the settings of a profile, go to Administer ->  Customize Data and Screens -> and click on Profiles.This page lists all the profiles available in your CiviCRM instance. Click Settings for the profile that you want to add the reCAPTCHA to. 

Expand the Advanced Settings fieldset and then click the checkbox Include reCAPTCHA. Scroll to the bottom of the form and click Save. Cividesk has already provided the initial setup for reCPATCHA for all our customers.  


To test the feature, make sure you are not logged in when you visit the page that has the profile. If you are logged in, CiviCRM will not show you the CAPTCHA. Also, since the CAPTCHA is a setting and not a field it will not show up on the list of fields for the profile.  

This is all you need to do to add a CAPTCHA to a profile. If you want to add a CAPTCHA to a Contribution Page or an Event Page, then there is one more step that needs to be done.  

Once you have enabled reCAPTCHA for a profile, you need to add the profile to the contribution page by going to Configure > Include Profiles. For an event page, you need to go to Configure > Online Registraion. You will see you have the option of Include Profile (top of page) and Include Profile (bottom of page).  


The form generally flows better if you add the profile with the reCAPTCHA to the bottom of the page. 

IMPORTANT: If you are using different profiles for an event that allows for additional participant registration, be sure to include reCAPTCHA only on the profile for the main registrant - if you add reCAPTCH to the profile used for additional participants, participants will not be able to complete the event registration.