Press for Progress: How we supported International Women's Day 2018

In celebration and recognition of International Women's Day 2018 that took place on March 8, Cividesk backed 12 new loans in 12 different countries on to support various industries and purposes for women-driven initiatives. Each loan was matched for double impact!

Loans were backed for:
Alice in Kenya to buy more stock of shoes
Miriam in Uganda invest in stock for the store
Sumaiya in Tajikistan to increase range of seasonal women's clothing to sell
Aissatou in Senegal to buy sheep for fattening
Antonia in Guatemala to buy traditional women's clothing
Abahira Cb Group in Rwanda to buy hair lotion to sell
Juana in Paraguay to buy variety of clothing to sell
Mchikichini Group in Tanzania to buy supplies for the nail salon
Fouzia in Pakistan to pay for repairs to the rickshaw used in their transport business
Khaireya in Jordan to buy spring clothing to sell in her store
Ayrampitos Group in Boliva to purchase furniture in bulk
Genevieve in the United States to add electric and gas to new shop in low income neighborhood

This is one more step in the right direction to break down barriers and lift people up. Giving back is a cornerstone of our company culture and we take pride in supporting underpriveleged communities. 

Kiva stands with "all those who believe in a world of mutual respect, where opportunities to achieve your dreams are equitable and plentiful. Join this community in supporting women and let’s make that world a reality."

What is Kiva?
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How does it work?
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