Special Webinar: New Features Review for CiviCRM 4.6

Cividesk is excited about the upgrade to CiviCRM 4.6 and we have designed a special webinar to introduce many of the exciting new features in this version. Participate in this webinar and learn how to leverage these new features to benefit your organization. These webinars are available only for Cividesk customers.

Scheduled webinars: January 13, 18, 22, 26, 28
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New features include:

User Interface Improvements - Many simple yet helpful user interface changes have been made that will help you better manage your contacts,  edit options in-line and the significant improvement of the profile editor.

Streamlined Reporting Interface - The new reporting interface makes it easier to filter your data and save reports for later use.

Streamlined CiviMail Interface – Users of the email functionality in CiviCRM will love the new design to make it easier to send out mailings.  The new CiviMail interface also allows for A/B testing to help your organization craft the best message possible.

Recurring Events and Activities – Events and activities can now be set to have multiple instances.  This way if you have a repeating monthly event you set it up just once and tell CiviCRM to hold it once a month.

Payments – CiviCRM now supports partial payments. Improvements have also been made to how soft credits are handled.

Invoices - CiviCRM now allows you to issue invoices to help you better manage your accounts receivable.

Taxes – CiviCRM now allows you to collect taxes on a specific item in cases where there is a taxable value for the item provided.

New Interface for CiviCase – CiviCase has a new and improved user interface.  It is also more user friendly to get started, lowering the cost of using CiviCRM as a case management tool.