Your questions ... answered

Cividesk customers have an array of resources and services included in their subscription. However, many customers do not know what these are, how to access them or who to contact with questions.

We have therefore created an Account Status page that will show the following information (and more):

  • Your main contacts at Cividesk and the types of questions they can answer for you
  • The list of users who are subscribed to the service and their level of access
  • The list of software installed in your instance, including optional modules/extensions and the level of support provided for each



This page will be available to all of our customers soon, if you don't see it already. Look for a personal message in your email when this is done!

In the future, we will add sub-pages to the Account Status page in order to create a real 'Account Center' centralizing all of the information and resources available to our customers.

Yet another benefit included in your subscription!