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CiviCamp Denver - Back in the Mile High City!

Cividesk is bringing CiviCamp back to Denver for a Mile-High CiviCamp on March 15th!
This casual, locally organized, one-day event is intended for evaluating, new and current users of CiviCRM.
Attend the morning sessions to learn about what CiviCRM can do for your organization, take part in the afternoon sessions to hone your CiviCRM skills and knowledge or attend the "Ask an Expert" session for answers to all of your questions. 

Mosaico: Drag and drop email editor now available

Cividesk is happy to announce that the support and maintenance of the CiviCRM's Mosaico extension, a simple drag-and-drop mailing editor for CiviCRM, is now part of our services.  

Most nonprofit staff have struggled to use the CiviCRM mailing feature to create responsive email campaigns. Mosaico enhances the existing CiviMail module to simplify the email creation process by producing a mobile ready and professional email looking for you!

Every Season is the Season of Giving

In the U.S., we are approaching what is generally called the Season of Giving, referring to the months of November and December where we recognize as Americans the celebration of Thanksgiving and then any and all holiday celebrations in December for the melting pot of beliefs that we hold dear as a country. At Cividesk, however, there is no definitive time for the Season of Giving. Every season, every month and every day is approached as an opportunity to give back in some way to work toward making the world a better place.

Couleurs de Chine

Couleurs de Chine NGO (CdC) was founded by "Fangfang" Françoise Grenot-Wang who was greatly passionate about the cultures of Miao, Dong and Yao Chinese ethnic minorities. Since 1998, CdC has provided schooling for over 12,000 students, mostly girls, coming from one hundred remote villages in the Guangxi and Guizhou provinces of China.

Cividesk is coming to you! Join us in Paris and Kuala Lumpur

For our friends in Europe and Malaysia, Cividesk is coming to you so to take advantage of this opportunity to spend some time with us in person and get the answers to your questions regarding CiviCRM.

Are you involved with a nonprofit organization that would like to track donors, manage events, send emailing campaigns, manage membership, fundraising, generate reports and much more all in the same database? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to join us at the CiviCRM MeetUp in Paris, France (en français) or Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

Bonus perk for Cividesk customers

There are no more excuses to not brush up on your CiviCRM skills. Cividesk is now offering free access to all of our public training sessions (beginner and intermediate levels) to our customers! Topics range from membership and contact management, to events, emailings, fundraising and more. We want you to be successful and to optimize the performance of your CRM. These trainings will help save you time in the long run and hopefully simplify your work. Sometimes all you need are a few tips and tricks!

That's a Wrap - CiviCon St. Louis in the Books

(Did you miss the chance to attend CiviCon St. Louis? Or perhaps you live in Europe? Good News! CiviCon Cologne in Germany will take place June 9, 2017! All the details here)

By now, if you attended CiviCon St. Louis (and we sure hope you did!), you have had time to process the experience and perhaps even begin to apply some things you learned about CiviCRM. The annual conference took place in the beautiful city of St. Louis, there was so much happening and many great topics that were explored, plus the Sprint that followed, so the CiviCon experience may have required some time to sink in!

Sprint to’s never finished. But progress always!

Following what was a successful annual gathering for CiviCRM community at CiviCON St. Louis, the traditional Sprint commenced boasting 35 in attendance including participants from New Zealand, UK, Canada, and folks from all over the US from the east to west coasts. The Sprint is an annual opportunity for the CiviCRM community to come together and work on developing the CiviCRM software in a context that allows face-to-face interaction as opposed to the usual remote work and conversations.

Cividesk is growing - Welcome Timothée!

Welcome to the team, Timothée! Timothée has joined Cividesk team as our new account manager. Timothée manages our customer accounts from onboarding new customers to mentoring current customers on their daily usage of CiviCRM and by helping them with their ongoing needs.
Thanks to his past experiences as a technical process manager in Europe and China, as well as an entrepreneur, he feels right at home helping translate information between teams, whether they speak a different culture or a different computer lanquage.