Giving back

Giving back is a cornerstone of our company culture, and we proudly support many charitable and humanitarian organizations with pro-bono or reduced-cost services.

If you represent a volunteer-run non-profit organization providing free and secular services to the underprivileged, please contact us so we so we can determine the best way to support your organization - whether this is solution design, professional hosting, software customizations, technical support or training for your staff.

Cividesk has directly supported the following organizations (and more) as part of this program:



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We also support the following organizations through financial donations and/or volunteering:



and many others ... Loans

  • Raynise
    Country: United States
    Total loan: $ 7000
    Loan use: us purchase a greenhouse, packaging shed, and other operation equipment and materials.
  • Porvenir Group
    Country: Paraguay
    Total loan: $ 3425
    Loan use: to buy meat, chicken, manioc and other ingredients.
  • Helen
    Country: Philippines
    Total loan: $ 175
    Loan use: to build a sanitary toilet.
  • Flor De Azari Group
    Country: Bolivia
    Total loan: $ 6250
    Loan use: to buy merchandise (wool, thread).
  • Katy Azucena
    Country: El Salvador
    Total loan: $ 600
    Loan use: to buy chickens and concentrated feed to fatten and sell them.
  • Hamdia
    Country: Ghana
    Total loan: $ 725
    Loan use: to purchase more recharge cards and e-money.
  • Dilrabo
    Country: Tajikistan
    Total loan: $ 275
    Loan use: to purchase construction materials to renovate her house and provide better living conditions for her family.
  • Delibera 2 Group
    Country: Bolivia
    Total loan: $ 7100
    Loan use: to buy sugar and milk in bulk.
  • San Blas Group
    Country: Paraguay
    Total loan: $ 5625
    Loan use: to buy baked goods, vegetables, fruits, meat, canned goods, and other products.
  • Mujeres Luchadoras Group
    Country: Paraguay
    Total loan: $ 3425
    Loan use: to buy assorted clothing for resale.