Perfect SQUARE FZE - United Arab Emirates

Cividesk and Perfect SQUARE FZE work together in order to provide to non-profit organizations in the U.A.E a complete web based solution to manage their contacts, memberships, events and financials.

The partnership between cividesk and Perfect SQUARE FZE allows you to rely on a local account manager and skilled local resources while benefiting from the global solutions and deep expertise developped by cividesk.

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Mandrill - Email Sending service

We recommend Mandrill as your email sending service for the CiviCRM platform and have developed a set of standard configurations and best practices to do so.

This combination provides a reliable and managed SMTP-out service with DKIM-signed emails for improved deliverability, fully-integrated bounces handling, a graphical dashboard and control panel, all at a very affordable price.

Contact us to see how you could benefit from this solution.

We also support full mailing lists synchronization with the following Email Marketing services:

CTCT_horizontal_logo.png, MailChimp_Logo_Light-Background.pngand others.