CiviCRM Tips and Tricks

Think outside the box with CiviCRM: Innovative idea #2 - Send welcome messages automatically by using scheduled reminders

Follow our series of creative tips for innovative ways to use CiviCRM to meet unique organizational needs!

Idea #1 (previously posted): Use the Membership module to manage sponsor/student relationships

Idea #2: Use CiviCRM’s Schedule Reminders feature to send welcome messages to your new or renewing members

Think outside the box with CiviCRM: Innovative idea #1 - Use the membership module to manage sponsor/student relationship

For unique organizational needs, there are often innovative ways to use CiviCRM!

This is an example of how you can use the membership module of CiviCRM called "CiviMember," for managing sponsorships for students seeking continuing education rather than the traditional use for managing memberships! Our example features and organization whose major need was to track the relationship and the financial support between the individual sponsor and the sponsored students. 

Working towards GDPR compliance? Here's a tip on how to obtain constituent consent using CiviCRM

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect on May 25, 2018 in the EU with a global impact: any organization that has a web presence is required to comply with GDPR regulations if it collects personal data or behavioral information from someone physically located in the EU, regardless of whether or not a financial transaction takes place.

Protect Your Web Payment Forms from Credit Card Abuse

Picture this: You walk into the office one morning and log into CiviCRM to check on the latest contributions you received and you are taken aback by the hundreds (maybe even thousands) of failed contributions that were submitted over night! You received a large number of annoying "junk" form payment submissions, many of which have been made with irrelevant credit card numbers.

Locate "Pending (Incomplete Transaction)" Payments in Your Contributions

Contributions with the status of "Pending (Incomplete Transaction)" signal failed payments and should only appear when you are using an off-site payment processor like PayPal. The contributor may have made multiple attempts to process the payment and decided to abandon the transaction or to send an alternative form of payment.

To find contributions with a status of "Pending (Incomplete Transaction)":

Use the Scheduled Reminders tool in CiviCRM for membership renewals

Spring membership drives are in full swing so it is important to know how to effectively launch your membership renewal campaign from within CiviCRM. With that in mind, be sure you are taking advantage of the "Scheduled Reminders" feature! It is a great tool to make sure each member receives a timely email from the system reminding them that their membership is about to expire.

Have a question as you are entering information into CiviCRM? Cividesk is here to help!

Have you noticed a little tab peeking out at you from CiviCRM?

This little tab is the Cividesk help widget - whenever you find yourself with a question when performing a task in CiviCRM and this tab has a number on it, click on the black arrow for a list of FAQs related to the screen you are on.


What are Checksum tokens and why do I need them?

Checksum tokens generate personalized links* that allow users to be identified when interacting with your website without logging in! When users click on a checksum link, they are directed towards a standalone profile, contribution or event page where any contact information already in the database will auto-populate. This saves your constituents the hassle of logging in and repetitively filling out contact information.

What else are checksum tokens good for?

How do I record a Pending (Pay Later) event registration from the back office?

To record a "Pending (Pay Later) event registration from the back office, you would begin as you would for any other back office event registration, but there are four key things to remember when creating a "Pending (Pay Later) event registration" - i.e. a registration for which payment has yet to be received (numbers correspond to the screen shot below and should be performed in the sequence as listed):