CiviCRM Tips and Tricks

Include/Exclude Search

In CiviCRM, we can create groups and tags to help us manage our contacts.  For example, we may have a group for board members and a group for committee members. We may also have a tag for current donors. There are times where we may want to sort and view members in certain categories (ie. view all members who are donors but not board members, members on a certain committee, etc.) To do this, we have the Include/Exclude Search feature in CiviCRM.  

Use Price Sets for Event Attendee Fees and Sponsorship

Have you ever wanted to be able to have one registration page from where someone could buy tickets for an event and also buy a sponsorship at the same time? Or, maybe you want people to be able to purchase 10 seats as a table. 

To do this in CiviCRM we create a Price Set. Price Sets are a group of prices that can be selected and totaled for an event rather than the single option pricing available with the pricing interface for events.  It is not as complex as it sounds, I promise. 

We create the Price Set before we create the event. 

My event is limited to a certain number of attendees. How can I ensure an accurate participant count?

Configure a price set for the fees instead of using the Regular Fees section of the Fees configuration for your event page.

Existing price sets are found under:
Events>Manage Price Sets. To create a new Price Set, you can click on Events>New Price Set. Give the price set a name and designate that it will be used for Events and choose the default financial type "Event Fee".

Once the price set has been saved, you will then need to add the price fields displaying the different options for your event.

How do I search for a list of contacts that are in one group and not in another?

If you want to search for a list of contacts that are included in a group A but not in a group B, you can use the Custom Search "Include/Exclude Contacts in a Group/Tag". This can be used to search contacts that meet criteria A but not criteria B.

Example: Find a list of contacts located in Denver, but who did not attend our Networking event.
1. Create a smart group of individuals located in Denver (group A) by conducting an Advanced Search.
2. Create a smart group of individuals who attended the networking event (group B) through an Advanced Search.

Did you know that any word or phrase in CiviCRM can be replaced by another one?

The "Word Replacements" feature allows you to change the language used on any CiviCRM page or navigation menu. In other words, you can customize your CiviCRM to reflect your organization's preferred terminology. You can use the Word Replacements feature to change all occurrences of a single word or a complete phrase.

How do I automatically send an email to welcome new members?

This is different from the email receipt, sending to a new member when they sign up online or when the membership is recorded manually by a staff member.

A: Go to Administer>Communications>Schedule Reminders and select "Add Reminder".

Give your automatic email a name such as "Membership welcome email" and choose "Membership" from the drop-down Entity menu. Then select the membership type(s) to whom the email should be sent. Hint: hold down the Ctrl key to select more than one membership type.