Learning Opportunities

Learning opportunities for all CiviCRM users

Cividesk is unique in the CiviCRM community because we offer several different on-line learning opportunities each month that are convenient and affordable:

30 minute weekly “CiviTips” focus in-depth on one particular feature such as Reporting or CiviMail.

2-hour beginner level courses for those who want something more comprehensive. These are a great place to start for new users to better understand working with Contacts, Events, Contributions or Membership.

Training Session: Fundamentals of Contribution Management

In CiviContribute, the term contribution refers to any financial transaction or payment taking place in the system, such as a donation, an event fee payment or membership dues, as well as in-kind contributions. These different categories of payment are referred to as financial types and new types can be added to further customize CiviContribute to fit your organization’s financial requirements.

Learn how to customize CiviContribute, record and manage contributions and report on your financial data using the CiviContribute module.

Membership Renewal online training session

Wednesday, April 19
10:00am - 12:00pm MT

Your organization has a solid membership base, but you want to retain members and help it grow, so how can CiviCRM help you do that?

The membership renewal process can be daunting, but learning how to use CiviMember, as well as features from CiviCampaign and other components in CiviCRM, can make it easier to reach out to current members, streamline the on-line renewal process, and track your progress.

Better manage online registration in CiviEvent

Are you using CiviEvent and want to allow your event participants to register multiple guests but have had trouble with duplicates being created or overwriting contact records after choosing this option when configuring on-line registration?

In the training session, “Managing your Special Events Effectively in CiviCRM”, I’ll demonstrate best practices to avoid this problem when additional registrants don’t provide an email address. We’ll also look at the best way to configure a price set to function with on-line registration that allows for registering multiple guests.  

"Back to Basics" classes with CiviCRM PLUS New Year's Special Promotion

Work on maximizing your time and efficiency in 2017 by learning more about CiviCRM! Cividesk will be offering all four of our on-line “Basics” classes during the month of January:

1. Contacts: "Administer your database and manage your contacts"
2. Events: "Manage your events with CiviCRM"
3. Membership: "Manage your membership with CiviCRM"
4. Contributions: "Manage your donations, sponsorships and other financial contributions"

It's fundraising season - our "Managing a Fundraising Campaign" class can help!

At Cividesk, we understand non-profits and know that the end of year fundraising campaign is a critical time of the year for reaching out to past and potential donors. For this reason, we designed our online class, “Managing a Fundraising Campaign with CiviCRM” to focus on what non-profit staff members need to know to run a succesful campaign with CiviCRM. During this class, you will learn all the steps involved in executing a successful fundraising campaign.