Learning Opportunities

New class for Advanced Users: Customize your CiviCRM Database with Custom Fields and Profiles

At Cividesk, we continue to expand our advanced CiviCRM curriculum to meet the needs of the community and have added a new on-line class: Customize your CiviCRM Database with Custom Fields and Profiles that will be offered on Thursday, November 12, 2015. This two-hour session is designed for those who have experience working in CiviCRM and have attended the basic curriculum classes or who already have good knowledge of many components in CiviCRM.

New online class: "Membership Renewal Campaign with CiviCRM"

Cividesk is offering a new online class for more intermediate users, in addition to our standard new user curriculum. “Membership Renewal Campaign with CiviCRM” is a project oriented class that will help with the preparation of your annual membership renewal by teaching the necessary steps to create a successful campaign.  We will go over defining the campaign, planning, execution, progress monitoring and reporting.