Did you know that any word or phrase in CiviCRM can be replaced by another one?

The "Word Replacements" feature allows you to change the language used on any CiviCRM page or navigation menu. In other words, you can customize your CiviCRM to reflect your organization's preferred terminology. You can use the Word Replacements feature to change all occurrences of a single word or a complete phrase.

Example: You can replace all occurrences of the word "Contribution" with "Donation" or you can replace a complete phrase such as "Create Printable Letters (PDF)" with "'Write Letters" or change "Organization Details” and call it "Company Information" instead.

How to: Navigate to the Menu Administer -> Customize Data and Screen -> Word Replacements.









Keep in mind: By default, partial matches will be replaced unless you click "Exact Match". For example, replacing "Contribution" with "Donation" will also replace "Contributions" with "Donations" unless "Exact Match" is checked.
Use "Exact Match" if you want the replacement of a complete phrase.Replacements are case-sensitive whether "Exact Match" is checked or not.
Important: Replacements will be applied everywhere in the site so choose your replacements very carefully.