Formatting the entries in your database

Have you ever wished all the phone numbers in your database would be correctly formatted according to the country's and international standards? That all the names - first, last and company - would be correctly capitalized, including local language specifics and common abbreviations? And more importantly ... that this would be done auto-magically for you whenever new data is added to CiviCRM?

Well ... this is exactly what the Cividesk Normalize extension does. Install it, configure the auto-formats you want to use in the setup screen, and never have to guess the proper formatting again - it all happens behind the scene for you, whether data is entered in the back-end UI, through a public form, with an API call or data import.

Navigate to Administer > Cusotmize Data and Screens > Cividesk Normalize and select from the following options:


  • Capitalize first letter of each word in all names
  • Capitalize individual last names
  • Capitalize organization names
  • Set Gender based on Contact Prefix


  • Normalize phone numbers (US, prefix intl with +)
  • Normalize local numbers as International


  • Street Address 
    • No Format
    • Capitalize Street Address
    • Capitalize first letter of each word in Street Address, and directionals such as NE, NW, etc.
  • City
    • No Format
    • Capitalize city names
    • Capitalize first letter of each word in city names
  • Normalize zip codes and flag incorrect entries

This extension is pre-installed for all our customers and publicly available on the Cividesk Github: com.cividesk.normalize.