How do I automatically send an email to welcome new members?

This is different from the email receipt, sending to a new member when they sign up online or when the membership is recorded manually by a staff member.

A: Go to Administer>Communications>Schedule Reminders and select "Add Reminder".

Give your automatic email a name such as "Membership welcome email" and choose "Membership" from the drop-down Entity menu. Then select the membership type(s) to whom the email should be sent. Hint: hold down the Ctrl key to select more than one membership type.

You might want to customize a different email for each membership level, which would require creating new reminders for each level. You could choose when you want the email to go out after the membership date (in hours/weeks/months). By default, the automated email will be recorded as an activity. Then create your email using the html editor and use tokens to personalize the email. You can also reuse an existing template. Be sure to click on Save!