4.6 update: webforms and views for Standalone

In a previous post we announced the upcoming upgrade to CiviCRM 4.6 for all our customers. This upgrade brings plenty of exciting features, and you will find in our newsletter a complete schedule of webinars to walk you through these.

One very important improvement brought by this upgrade specifically targets our 'Standalone' customers, ie. when your CRM is not integrated with your website. If your CiviCRM URL is of the form: https://<org>.cividesk.com/crm, with <org> being the abbreviation for your organization name, then you are a Standalone customer.

Our Standalone customers will now benefit from the same advanced features as our Drupal-integrated customer, including webforms, views and rules.

Webforms allows the design of very sophisticated donation, membership and event registration forms. You can now create a single form that collects information from multiple contacts, creates relationships, uses pages breaks to span over multiple page, and has advanced layouts, optional sections, calculated fields, tokens, etc. Typical use cases for webforms include summer camp registrations where you need to collect information for the parents and children on the same form, membership forms where you need to collect information on key company employees, or more generally any form that requires more power, ease-of-use, or flexibility than offered by CiviCRM's native profiles and form snippets.

Views allows the creation of customized reports with a lot more flexibility than the pre-existing CiviCRM reports. It can fetch information from a number of CiviCRM tables, present real-time filtering criteria above the report, change the formatting of results and many other advanced functionality. Typical use cases for views include membership directories or other dynamic or advanced reports - basically, if the report you want is not included as a report template in CiviCRM, it can be created with views.

Your upcoming events can be displayed automatically on your website in an event calendar or in a page. Active events are pulled out from CiviCRM and past events are removed.

Please contact your account manager (Virginie at virginie@cividesk.com or Valerie at valerie@cividesk.com if you are located in Europe) if you would like to take advantage of any of these new features.