Adding a CiviCRM Shopping Cart

With the new Event Repeat Function that we talked about last month, we can now create an event series. This gives us reason to take another look at the CiviCRM Event Shopping Cart feature. Enabling the event shopping cart feature will allow users to register for multiple events at once and pay the event fees in a single transaction!

To enable the Shopping Cart functionality, go to Administer -> CiviEvent -> CiviEvent Component Settings. Click the check box for Use Shopping Cart Style Event Registration. This will turn on the shopping cart button for your events.

When your users view your event information pages, they will see an Add to Cart button. add_to_cart.png  

We recommend posting a list of your upcoming events on your website by using the link
From the listing, users can get more information about the event and add or remove the event from cart.  


When a user adds an event to their cart, they will see a success message and then have the ability to view or edit their cart.
You would also need to make a link to the cart ( to allow easy access to the events they have already added to the cart. 


When the user checks out, they will check out for all the events that they selected and make one payment for all of them. Profile data fields will be collected at checkout like usual with the option to add additional participants. In CiviCRM, a profile is a collection of fields used on forms like event registration to collect information about the participant.

The next step would be to make a list of events for the users to select. We will cover options for this next month.