All of our customers get an A+!

As part of the server migration done on August 22 we upgraded several infrastructure software to newer version. This provided us with additional security settings, and it wasn't before long that our engineers started playing with these new settings to see if we could enhance our security even further.

And .. we got a A+. Not only that, but all our customers also get the same A+ by being hosted on our servers!

Give it a try: go to, enter your domain name, wait a couple minutes and see the results ...

But ... what is this test about?

Over the past few months you have probably heard about Heartbleed, BEAST, Poodle, and other issues with SSL, which is the protocol used to secure all web transactions over the Internet. That test suite verifies that our servers are not affected by these vulnerabilities, and therefore provide the upmost security in communications between the user's browser and our servers while using CiviCRM, including for payments and other sensitive information exchanges.

As always, we are just a phonecall away if you have any questions on this or any other aspect of your service.