Backline is a national nonprofit organization working to promote unconditional and judgment-free support for the full spectrum of decisions and experiences with pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption. Through direct service and social change strategies, we are building a world where all people can make the reproductive decisions that are best for their lives, without coercion or limitation, and where the dignity of lived experiences is affirmed and honored.

Founded in 2004, Backline is best known for our toll-free Talkline, Pregnancy Options Workshop trainings, and first-of-its-kind All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center in Bloomington, Indiana. Each year we work directly with thousands of people seeking support for their experiences with unplanned pregnancy, abortion, parenting, pregnancy loss, infertility, and adoption. Our programs work to break down silos and connect providers and resources so that people can find all the support they need in one place - from diapers to birth control to abortion funding to unbiased counseling and support.