Chase the Music

A new member of our Giving Back program

Chase the Music gives children battling critical conditions love, hope, strength and joy. They do this with original music - composed and performed just for the children.

The impact of Chase the Music programs begins with the child. The children (for whom they write and perform) are undergoing situations that no child should. The gift of a personal commissioned piece of music is like no other. It's unique and created just for that child. Artists are closely aligned with the child to facilitate the creation of truly meaningful music. This alignment gets in their heads and they are changed by the experience. It's truly emotional where many cry for the child. They spend time with the child to be part of each others lives. Audience members are deeply touched and share in the outpouring of love at a Chase the Music event. A Chase the Music piece is a gift to the future. They produce timeless music with incredible meaning. As the music is performed, played, shared - future performers and listeners enjoy and are moved by the music and the story behind it.

It's critical to Chase the Music to be able to manage a number of complex relationships. Their constituent children and their families, guests, composers and musicians, audiences, venues, web-visitors, donors, corporations and foundations etc. each have different data profiles.

Clark Hodge, Founder, explains: "We originally did our own hosting of CiviCRM, including the setup of the core components. We were spending inordinate amounts of time in this management. Cividesk approached us with an offer of taking advantage of their Giving Back program. This was an incredible offer, as we knew that receiving hosting, maintenance and support services from Cividesk would mean that we spend more time working on what's important to our organization, and less on the technical details of running a complex web and CRM environment."

Cividesk has been hugely supportive with training, and making their people available for consultation. With their help, we'll be more responsive, have access to more Civi components and features, and enjoy a much cleaner, efficient, secure and scalable infrastructure.

Thank you, Cividesk!