CiviCRM 100% in French

Great news for our customers who are using the French version of CiviCRM ! CiviCRM is now 100% translated to French (the Core interface and 66% of the extensions).

This great achievement was possible due to the hard work of our community members. Thank you to all the contributors from all over the world!


CiviCRM accommodates different languages, however the developers rely on the community to translate the text displayed.

A number of languages have already been provided to a greater or lesser extent. Some have more than 90% of the text translated, others only 5%, and a number of languages have not been translated at all. 

You are very much encouraged to take part in the translation of your language. Transifex is the tool to use for online translation. It does not have as many features as an offline tool such as PoEdit, but it's the easiest way to contribute translations and do the occasional quick correction. Every translator should have an account on the Transifex site, translation teams can use the forums and messaging system to coordinate their work. If you are interested go to, create an account and go to

CiviCRM is now 100% translated in French but there is still work to do. You can suggest the replacement of  an existing translated word or text by a new one, you can participate to the translation of the most popular extensions such as CiviDiscount or Mosaico or you can help with the translation of the CiviCRM documentation ( Any contribution, small or big, is always welcome.