CiviCRM 4.7 upgrade

CiviDesk is excited to announce that we plan on upgrading all our customers to CiviCRM 4.7 in the very short term. CiviCRM 4.7 has been out there for a while now and we strongly believe now is a good time to upgrade. We have already upgraded a few of our customers to CiviCRM 4.7 and are quite pleased with its functionality and maturity.

This new version includes heaps of new features that will increase your organization's efficiency, and it's quality has significantly increased from previous releases.

What's New?

  • Scheduled jobs - Ability to run scheduled jobs at various frequencies e.g weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly in addition to hourly and daily.
  • Dashboard improvements - CiviCRM dashboard has had a face lift in the sense that it loads faster, looks better, and refreshes itself automatically so you always have the latest information and includes a responsive layout that works great even on tiny screens.
  • Dedupe improvements - Optimizes duplicate contact identification and merging for organizations with large numbers of duplicates.
  • Changes to WYIWYG editor - Incorporates the new CK Configurator directly in CiviCRM, allowing easy selection of plugins and themes.
  • Payment processing improvements - The payment system has undergone overhaul to be more reliable and to support token-based recurring payments as well as non-credit card payment methods.
  • Reports - Many useful improvements to contribution and activity reports.
  • API enhancements - The api now supports joins across related entities, and filtering by custom fields.

Moreover, Mosaico, a slick and easy to use new drag and drop user interface for CiviMail so that it is easy to compose beautiful and responsive emails, is only available for CiviCRM 4.7, and we'll evaluate it for all our customers as soon as released!

CiviDesk has put together an upgrade schedule that ensures quality and reliability. We plan on doing the upgrades in batches for customers based on complexity of customization and other factors that need to be considered so that the migration plan moves smoothly. The general plan is to have all general customers upgraded within the next 4 to 6 months. We will notify you in advance before we do the actual upgrade. You are welcome to send us an email if you have special requirements related to the timing of this upgrade.