CiviCRM Core Team Leadership changes following retirement announcement

After eleven years of leadership, Dave Greenberg has announced his retirement from the CiviCRM Core Team. Dave grew up in the sixties with a family passionate to make the world a better place. He has done just that, through his commitment and dedication to creating and maintaining open source software with such a common need for the non-profit community.

Reassuring the continued success of the organization, Dave says: "For myself, it’s time to step back and allow folks with fresh perspectives to provide leadership. We are fortunate to have a talented and passionate posse of active contributors, and our core has an impressive depth and diversity of skills and strengths. Although they will continue to work in a relatively non-hierarchical style, we’ve defined core team roles explicitly to facilitate interactions with the rest of the community."

Tim Otten and Coleman Watts will lead our product and technical development initiatives, and Kurund Jalmi will continue to direct Team India. Michael McAndrew will continue managing our efforts to deepen and strengthen community engagement, and Josh Gowans will move into a Project Manager position (“the buck stops there”). During the transition (and beyond) I will act as an advisor and sounding board (along with Lobo) - but I’ve asked the team to push back on anything that smacks of “we’ve always done it this way.”

Good luck, Dave, in all your future endeavors. Your time and contributions to this cause will forever hold their mark with non-profit organizations across the globe. Congratulations on your successful career with CiviCRM!