CiviCRM User and Administrator Training at CiviCon

Before every CiviCon there are trainings for both end-users and developers.  Steve Kessler, Customer Support Manager at Cividesk  is proud to be one of the three volunteer members of the end-user training team.  We are working hard to make changes to the curriculum to add relevancy and a better flow. 

You should consider taking this training if you are looking for knowledge about how to use CiviCRM as an end-user.  We cover topics like events, contributions, custom data, profiles, memberships, reporting, mass mailings, content management system integration and much more.  This is an intensive class with lots of hands-on activities. 

The training will be May 31st and June 1st in Fort Collins, Colorado at Colorado State University. Get more information and register. 

Being part of the training team is just one of the many ways that Cividesk gives back to the CiviCRM community.