The Cividesk fund on Kiva

Cividesk has created a fund on This fund serves to finance microloans to people around the world living in high poverty areas. Most of these people do not have access to traditional banking systems. By lending them money to purchase land, livestock, tools or items to sell needed to build or expand their business, or giving them the chance to pursue higher studies, we are giving them a chance to escape poverty.

Right now each of our staff does have part of this fund available and can choose whom to lend to. You can see our current portfolio of loans at we have already extended 16 loans in all parts of the world.

But that is not all!

We are quite often contacted by people that have various issues with CiviCRM and need a quick fix (or at least they believe it will be quick!). We often try our best to help them out and resolve their issue, and usually succeed. So we extend people a favor and give some of our time for free, these people are very thankful, but the buck stops here.

So, we thought about initiating a 'paying it forward' momentum so our act of kindness leads to other such acts and multiply over time. From now on, we will therefore ask each person we help to contribute as much as they want to our Kiva fund. This will be used to make a loan, and when this loan is repaid reinvested in another loan, and then another and then another.

If you read that far and think this is worth a try, please Send us a Kiva card!

We will check back every so often and give you some news on our progress.