Cividesk is Sprinting! Should you?

Beyond the free and Open Source license, the infinite functional richness and intuitive user interface, one of the best aspects of CiviCRM is its strong Community. And nothing gets you closer to our Community than being part of a Sprint. But what is this Community, what is a Sprint, and why should you care?

CiviCRM is a free and Open Source software. You do not have to pay any licensing fee to download and use the software. That is fantastic, but there is a flip-side: there is no commercial company with an army of developers working on enhancing CiviCRM around the clock. So how does CiviCRM gets made? By the Community. What is the Community?

We first have the Core Team, which is a small group of very dedicated people acting as a central hub to coordinate the Community, maintain the CiviCRM infrastructure, develop new features and approve Community developments. The Core Team is financed primarely by the member and partner programs - please support the Core Team as they are the heart and mind behind CiviCRM.

Then we have the partners, which are mostly consultants and service providers helping the non-profit organizations that have adopted or would like to adopt CiviCRM. These partners contribute back significantly to CiviCRM by volunteering their time for the Community, and by giving back and making available all enhancements they create for CiviCRM - whether these are bug fixes, new features or extensions.

Finally, all end-users of CiviCRM are also part of this Community - and if you are reading this post you most probably are one of us, even if you did not know yet! Here are a few ways you can get involved with our Community.

Now .. what is a Sprint? A few times a year Sprint are organized with the aim of gathering as many members of the Community as possible to volunteer a few days of their time in order to advance CiviCRM. Everyone is welcomed at these Sprints, even non-developers, and there are always many opportunities to contribute: from working on our documentation, reviewing our roadmap and specs for further developments, triaging issues in JIRA, working on our marketing, communication or website, etc.

But beyond the work, the best of the Sprint is certainly to discover and become part of the CiviCRM Community. First time Sprinters come with many questions and don't really know what to expect, but always leave with many friends and a huge sense of accomplishments.

Get involved with our Community, come to the Sprints, you will get at least as much out of it as you put in!