Customizing Your Mailing List Signup Form

Did you know you can use a CiviCRM profile to customize your mailing list signups, even if you use MailChimp? Of course, you can offer a default list of groups to a given subscriber, but when you use a profile, you can also collect important data about that subscriber that can help target your constituents more effectively. Regardless of which method you choose, both rely on groups that are created with a Group Type of Mailing List and Visibility set to Public Pages (you can read more about Mailing Groups at the following LINK). Since syncronization with MailChimp is managed in the group settings, the method by which that mailing group is selected (either directly or via a profile) is of no consequence.

Default Subscription Page

Assuming you've got your mailing group(s) set up, you can offer the basic signup option (one that requires only an email address and the selection of a given mailing group to subscribe) by directing users to a specific URL:

  2. WordPress:

Customized Subscription Page

Or you can offer a customized profile to gather additional information (you will find detailed instruction on Profiles at the following LINK):

  1. Create custom data fields for the information you wish to collect (e.g. "How did you learn about our organization?")
  2. Create a profile to collect desired informatio
  3. Include a profile field titled something like "Mailing Lists" (circled below) that will offer subscribers a selection of groups from which to choose:
    1. Click the Add Field button
    2. Select the type of record = Contacts
    3. Select the field to include = Group(s)
    4. Required? = Yes (to force the selection of at least one group)
    5. Click the Save button
  4. To display the profile publicly:
    1. Navigate to Administer > Custom Data and Screens > Profiles
    2. Click the More hyperlink to the far right-hand side of the profile in question and select Use Profile-Create Mode
    3. Your browser will open up the public page - copy the URL and paste where you wish to publish this link to allow users to sign up for your mailing lists