The 'Desk' is relocating ...

At Cividesk, we are constantly trying to bring value to our customers and facilitate their use of CiviCRM. A few years ago, we created the 'desk' for this very purpose. The 'desk' is a suite of applications available exclusively to our customers. These applications have grown over the years to now include one-click access to our Ticketing system and Knowledge Base, a Video Library with all our CiviTips recordings, and our Training Calendar.

However, we have noticed that the desk did not get as much usage as we anticipated, and after discussing this with a few of our customers, we found out that this was primarily because accessing it through a menu entry in the CiviCRM menu bar is not intuitive and/or visible enough.

We have therefore decided to relocate the desk within the CiviCRM Dashboard for all our customers. So Standalone+ users will no longer see the desk when logging in, but be directly taken to the CiviCRM Dashboard (with the desk displayed here). And our regular Drupal, WordPress or Joomla users will also see the desk as soon as they access CiviCRM rather than having to click on the CiviCRM menu bar. We also have planned a few more enhacements to the desk, but will leave this as a surprise ... so stay tuned!

We hope this new integration will encourage our customers to use the desk applications more often, and therefore leverage the full added value that Cividesk is providing.