Did you know that CiviCRM can handle really complex event pricing options?

CiviCRM can handle all of your complex event options - the best way to start is to understand what information you will need to manage your event (participant counts, meal choices, etc.), and then configure your information in such a way that will allow you to report easily and effectively as participants begin to register.


  1. You are planning a 2-day event where participants have the option of registering for either one or both days
  2. The total price for a single participant for 1 day is $300 (which includes meals and a 1-night hotel stay)
  3. If a couple or a family registers for the event, they would be charged the same amount for the 1-night hotel stay as a single participant (if they stay in the same room), so you would like to offer a reduced price per participant for couple/family registrations
  4. You need to collect information on each family member (e.g. meal preference, activity selection, etc.), so you enable multiple participant event registration
  5. You need a single report that will provide you with accurate participant counts for the different options selected, regardless of whether or not there is a cost associated with the selection

The best way to offer reduced pricing for family or group registrations and to greatly simplify reporting is to use a Price Set as opposed to the Regular Fees section in the event configuration registration.


It is very important to publish your event with all price set options configured - while it is easy enough to disable or include a price field option after publication, updating any registrations made before the update can get extremely messy!

Step 1: Price Set Configuration

  1. Click HERE for step-by-step instruction on creating new price sets
  2. The Event Fee price field option should be configured with per person pricing - using our example, the price field option configuration would look as follows:
  3. A couple of important things to note about the configuration of this price field option:
    1. The participant count column is adjusted to count each individual registering based on the options provided - in our example, the total number of hotel rooms will be based on the total number of registrations (plus additional rooms if requested), the participant count per option will allow for a total participant count
    2. The field has been marked as required, the explanation for which is explained HERE
  4. Configure additional participation options as needed - using our example, the price set will ultimately look as follows:
    1. Use the max participant field if you have limits on any options being offered (e.g. if you only have 20 spaces available on the tour, then enter 20 as the max participant count)
    2. If the options you offer do not represent any additional cost, you'll want to enter the price as $0 and un-toggle the Display Amount? option

Step 2: Configure Event with Price Set

Step 3: Test, Test, Test!

  1. Create some "real" registrations to collect data for both single and multiple participant event registrations
  2. Confirm that all relevant information is reported as desired using Search > Custom Searches > Price Set Details for Event Participants - tweak configuration of price field options as needed

When you have multiple choices for the same options, you'll need to adjust participant counts as shown in reports accordingly - for example:

  • To get the total number of hotel rooms needed, add the total number of registrations and the total number of additional rooms
  • For each meal option selected, the participant count will be increased by 1, and every option is required, so every registrant will have a total participant count of 3 for meals, but should be counted only once per combination - e.g.:
    • Total number of Adult, Fish meals with No Restrictions
    • Total number of Adult, Meat/Poultry, Kosher meals
    • Total number of Child, Vegetarian, Gluten Free meals