DrupalCamp Colorado 2018

DrupalCamp Colorado is a three day event centered on knowledge sharing and learning how to build, manage and launch ambitious digital experiences. This year, Cividesk was invited to present CiviCRM and it's integration with Drupal to an audience of web developers and site administrators.

With a packed agenda and attendees from all over the country, DrupalCamp Colorado was a major event for the Drupal Community. Held at the King's Center on the Auraria Campus, a dynamic and vibrant higher education community, located in the heart of downtown Denver shared between the Community College of Denver, Metropolitan State University, and University of Colorado Denver.

The first day consisted of day-long workshops centered on a given topic: Drupal 8 Crash Course, DDEV environments and using Drupal in specific environments such as Libraries or Higher Education. The second day hosted regular sessions along tracks: Site Building, Frontend and Backend, Project Management and Business. To finish off the day, a happy hour with tacos and drinks on the patio offered an enjoyable networking opportunity and conclusion to the second day. The last day was entirely dedicated to a Code Sprint.

Cividesk's presentation provided an overview of CiviCRM, which features it provides, how it integrates with Drupal including the entities, view, webforms and rules module, and how it can benefit your nonprofit. Recent improvements, such as a drag-and-drop email editor, new theming options, and compatibility with Drupal 8, were also outlined. The session concluded with a robust Q&A session touchingn subjects such as how to extend CiviCRM, interfacing with payment processors, and more generally the challenges of moving from many disconnected systems and data sources to a single CRM for nonprofits.

As always, CiviCRM was very well received by the DrupalCamp attendees and the presentation and follow-up discussions certainly contributed in a better understanding of the added value of CiviCRM to the Drupal universe and nonprofit sector. We will be back next year for another introductory session on CiviCRM.