Event Configuration with Price Sets

Setting up an event with multiple options and prices is a great way to meet the various needs of your guests. However, it can be a complex process and configuring the event incorrectly could create some issues such as a wrong attendance number.  

Before configuring the event in CiviCRM, consider how you want the participants to be recorded in the CRM:

- Do you need each attending guest to be recorded as an individual contact?
- Do you want the same email address to be used for each participant of a group reservation?
- Do you only want the person who is submitting the registration to be saved as a participant, and not the whole group?
- Do you need to count the participants?
- Do you have different price levels and a maximum of participants per level?

In this blog post, we cover how to use Price Sets for an event. The Price Sets function is a great tool within CiviCRM that allows organizations to include multiple options for guests when registering for an event.

Price Sets can be used for:

  • Buying more than one ticket without providing any information about the additional attendees. This can be used for concerts, sporting events, performances, etc.
  • Selling basic and premium tickets and counting the number of tickets bought per level.
  • Combining multiple financial types in the same registration. This can be used for making a donaton in addition to payment for the event registration.

Scenario 1:
A participant purchases event tickets for multiple guests without providing information about the guests. Tickets are counted but only the person making the registration is recorded as a participant and an event registration is recorded with his/her contact. In this scenario, in the price set, use price field type Numeric Quantity and DO NOT select the option Register multiple participants in Online Registration tab.
***If you select the option Register multiple participants, the participant count would not be correct because there will be an additional participant record but with no ticket associated.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 5.31.05 PM.png

Do you want to offer childcare for your participants? This is possible using the parameters of this example. A different financial type is assigned to the childcare income so this revenue is linked to the right financial account.  

Scenario 2:
You want a contact record in CiviCRM for each person coming to the event. To do this, go into the price set, use price field of type Radio or Check Box. In the online registration tab, select the option Register multiple participants.
With this option, each participant is recorded as a separate contact, an event registration is created for each participant but only one contribution is recorded and saved with the participant who is making the payment.
***If you don't need to count the participants per price level, you don't need to use a Price Set and you can use the default system for pricing.

Make sure the price field is marked as required (red asterix) so a price level must be selected for each participant.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 5.42.32 PM.png


Learn more about best practices for configuring events with complex fee structures and how to get the most from CiviCRM by attending our online class "Manage Your Events - I"  Visit our Training Calendar for dates and times.