Every Season is the Season of Giving

In the U.S., we are approaching what is generally called the Season of Giving, referring to the months of November and December where we recognize as Americans the celebration of Thanksgiving and then any and all holiday celebrations in December for the melting pot of beliefs that we hold dear as a country. At Cividesk, however, there is no definitive time for the Season of Giving. Every season, every month and every day is approached as an opportunity to give back in some way to work toward making the world a better place.


As part of this belief, we started an ongoing initiative with www.kiva.org back in June of 2015. Since then, we have successfully created 56 loans to date to aid underserved countries with the opportunity to move forward with businesses that may not otherwise get off the ground. These loans have helped both men and women in sectors that vary from Agriculture, Education and Manufacturing to Housing, Health and Transportation. We have proudly played a part in funding these projects in over 30 countries including India, Ecuador, Vietnam, Ukraine and Rwanda, just to name a few.

Cividesk is proud to be a part of the change in making our world a better place. Learn more about how you too can be involved and make a difference. It takes as little as $25 to get started with funding a loan!

Learn more about the different loans we have funded here