Exciting Changes to the Cividesk Training Curriculum!

After many successful years of teaching classes on CiviCRM, Susan Engeman has left her role as Cividesk Training Manager to pursue other endeavors. Since 2013, Susan taught CiviCRM to more than 3,000 users! We are very proud of this contribution.
Thank you, Susan, for helping non-profit organizations be more efficient with the daily use of CiviCRM.

In addition to continuing in her role as Customer Support Manager, Tamar Meir is now also assuming the responsibilities of Training Manager. "Susan has left me big shoes to fill but I am ready to accept the challenge!" Tamar said.

After reviewing the feedback from previous participants of our training classes we decided to make a few revisions to our training curriculum:

  • Our most popular course, "Fundamentals of Contact Management", is now scheduled every 3 weeks instead of every 4 weeks - space is limited so visit our training calendar to find a session that fits your schedule and register to secure your spot
  • Starting the week of April 27, we will be offering two courses per week - where we offer both a beginner and intermediate level course on the same topic, these courses will be taught back-to-back (e.g. if "Fundamentals of Membership Management" is taught on a Tuesday, "Organizing a Membership Renewal Campaign" will be offered on Wednesday of the same week)
  • A new 2-hour intermediate level class called "Data Hygiene: How to Keep Data Clean and Healthy!" has been added and is based on the concepts discussed in our Data Hygiene blog series - the first sessions are scheduled for May 13 and again on June 4
  • Two intermediate level classes will now be offered in a 1-hour format at a reduced fee1 ($25 instead of $40): "Organizing a Fundraising Campaign" and "Essentials of CiviVolunteer"
  • All intermediate classes will be revised to strictly adhere to intermediate-level topics - participants must be sure to know their basics before attending these classes as they will no longer be covered during these sessions
  • All classes will now be taught in an environment using the Shoreditch2 theme with CiviCRM version 5.X

Cividesk is a firm believer in continuous improvement and to this end, we ask that anyone who participates in our training courses kindly take a few moments of time to fill out the short training feedback survey that is sent after each session. Continued feedback combined with the hands-on experience gained from teaching these courses allows Cividesk to provide you with the most relevant and highest quality training available for CiviCRM! 

1. Cividesk clients enjoy free and unlimited access to training when registering through the Desk (for help accessing the Desk, please contact support@cividesk.com).
2. A short tutorial (in English and French) on the new look of Shoreditch and the features included with the upgrade to CiviCRM version 5 can be accessed by Cividesk clients through the Video Tutorials app on the Desk.