Extended Report Improvements

CiviCRM is shipped with a lot of useful core reports - report templates can be used to create different report instances to query your data. There is also a very useful third party extension called "Extended Reports" that includes additional report templates that provide more flexibility and complexity.

Cividesk has contributed back a lot of improvements made to both core reports and the Extended Reports extension. For example, a new functionality has been added to the Extended Report "Contribution Pivot Chart" that displays contribution amounts by month or by year:


When you select the column header of "Breakdown by Month" or "Breakdown by Year", you will now see the sum total of contributions instead of just the number of contributions.

Cividesk clients can navigate to Support > Cividesk Account and check the extensions listed under "My Cividesk subscription" to see if the Extended Reports extension is installed - if not, feel free to open a support ticket requesting installation.

To use Extended Reports, navigate to Reports > Create Reports from Templates, you will see several reports beginning with "Extended Report" - click on any of these to start creating your own report instances.