Extended Report - Price Set Line Items

When you first install CiviCRM, you are given the ability to create different Financial Types. Using the Price Set functionality, you can assign each item in the Price Set to a different Financial Type. For example, you might have an event with tickets, the option to sponsor, and the option to make an additional donation. Each of these items could be mapped to different Financial Types.  

If you use one of the contribution reports that comes with CiviCRM, you will see the total of all the line items and all in one unique Financial Type. In other words, it is not possible to see how much money was donation vs. sponsorship vs. ticket sale vs. other contribution.

But now we have the Extended Reports! Extended Reports provide the ability to create line item level reports. To use Extended Reports, you need to install the extension. If you are a Cividesk client, just put in a ticket and we will get it installed for you!

Below is the step by step process of creating a report that will show how Extended Reports works.  

1. Go to Reports  ->  All Reports and then click New Report.  

2. Scroll down to the template called Extended Report - Price Set Line Items. 

At the top of the report screen, there are a series of tabs that we can use to define how our report will be built: 

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 6.35.25 PM.png

Columns tab: select the columns that you want to display. For example, first and last name, Receipt Date, Price Field Label, Line Item Financial Type, and  Line Total. Select the fields that make the most sense for your report.  

Groupings tab: allows us to define the characteristic that we want the report to be sorted by. For example, Contribution ID will group the transactions by their internal system ID. If you choose to use sorting or the Section Header / Group By function under the Sorting tab then it will override what is in the Groupings tab.

Sorting tab: select various fields by which to sort the report data. You can also select multiple levels of sorting. In this report, you have the option to determine if the values in the report should be grouped together.  

Filters tab: select from many attributes to narrow the results that you see.  

This is an example of how our report will look. You can see that Mr. Fisher paid for both a Sponsorship and an Event Fee as part of the transaction shown. 

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 6.31.41 PM.png

If you want to see how your report looks, click Preview Report.

If you are ready to save your report click Create Report.