Feedback from CiviCon London!

The European CiviCRM Conference had about 150 participants from different countries including UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Spain, plus 4 members from the core team. Europe has a vibrant CiviCRM community too!

Cividesk co-presented 2 sessions on CiviCRM customization and Profiles. We also presented 2 extensions: Google Apps Sync and Helptab to offer more contextual help inside the application.

The conference presentations were all very relevant and interesting, notably The CiviCRM Roadmap and What's new in 4.6 and coming in 4.7 from the core team. So now we know that flexible forms are scheduled for 5.0.

Group picture 2015.jpg

Several great extensions were also presented (Donation receipts and Strategic fundraising campaigns to name a couple) and we heard nice user testimonials from Bloodwise and University of Cambridge. During Birds of a Feather sessions (workshops), a Belgium organization presented a demo about a custom development to manage invoicing with some European specific requirements. Feel free to ask us for more details on that.

All sessions have been recorded, so be sure to watch for the videos that will be posted soon on the website: CiviCon London 2015.