The French-American Chamber of Commerce - New York

The French-American Chamber of Commerce (FACC) is the country's premiere organization for French-American business, providing members access to educational corporate events, high-level speakers, and exceptional networking opportunities.

The FACC-NY supports strong economic relations between France and the United States, and promotes the development of their member companies in the New York region. They achieve their objectives by facilitating information sharing, networking and professional development. 

The FACC-NY disseminates information by way of its diverse programs and seminars held at top New York venues. The French-American Chamber of Commerce has hosted a variety of high-level and notable speakers in recent years and recently the FACC has held panel discussions on such pertinent business issues as non-profit fundraising, the digital workplace, recent French and U.S. Tax reforms, entrepreneurship,etc ...

The FACC recently re-launched its Gala Evening. Taking place at Manhattan's Tribeca Rooftop, the Gala included the participation of 300 French and American executives, a rooftop cocktail hour, three-course dinner and dancing.The Gala benefits the 501(c)(3) FACC Foundation, which was formed in 2012 to help train and educate the next generation of transatlantic business leaders. 

By way of their International Career Development Programs (ICDP), the FACC enhances opportunities for young French and American professionals to acquire the skills and cultural savvy needed to excel in the global business marketplace.  By working with U.S. and French governmental agencies, the Chamber delivers personalized, professional service to our member firms as they train the next generation of transatlantic business leaders.

Lastly, the French-American Chamber of Commerce is directly involved in providing services to small and medium-sized French companies that wish to establish operations in the United States.  By way of its Trade Services, the Chamber coordinates Learning Expeditions for French SMEs, universities, chambers of commerce and other delegations, coaching and consulting.  Working actively with their network of French-American professionals, the FACC offers French clients access to bilingual, bi-cultural experts in a variety of fields including law, accounting, real estate, banking, public relations, advertising, recruiting and more.