Get the most of your price sets

The regular fees layout form provides a list of price levels from which a donor or a registrant must select a single option, for example:

  • Select the platinum donor option for $1,000 or the gold donor option for $500
  • Select the member fee for $50 or the non-member fee for $100 

Each regular fee option is configured with a label and an amount, you can select a default option, and all contributions are created with the same financial type regardless of the selection made. This approach works well for simple contribution pages and events and is easy to set up. If your contribution or event page requires a more complex pricing structure, you would need to use a price set instead as they allow you much more flexibility.

With prices sets, you can:

  • Offer different options in different formats - e.g. as displayed in the screenshot above, options can be selected from a drop-down, multiple options can be selected with a checkbox, the desired quantity can be entered, etc.
  • Manage head count and set max participant limits for each option - e.g. if a price field is for a table at a fundraiser which seats ten people, you would set participant count to 10 while the participant count for a single seat at a table would be 1
  • Select a different financial type for each price field option​ - e.g. "Event Fee", "Meal", etc.
  • Configure different pricing to go into effect based on a specific date range - e.g. early bird, regular, and "at the door" fees
  • Limit visibility of certain price field options - e.g. only staff can select the "Comp" price field option, only members can view discounted price options 

What's important to remember is:

  • Make at least one price field in the price set required - otherwise people could potentially register themselves for the event without making any selection or paying for an event
  • Maximum participant counts for each price field option are managed separately from the maximum number of participants that are allowed to register for the event:
    • If the maximum capacity of the ball room is 500, then the maximum number of participants allowed to register should be set to 500 (in the "Info and Settings" tab of the event configuration)
    • If each table seats 10, you have a total of 50 tables - you might want to limit the option to purchase an entire table to 20 so that those who purchase individual tickets will have a place to sit
  • Select the correct financial type for each option that you will need to report on separately - e.g. use a financial type such as "Meal" to be able to easily determine the amount due to the caterer
  • Ensure that date-specific price options are updated for the event in question:
    • Price sets can be reused from year to year - if you forget to update the date range of each price field option, then they will fail to appear on your registration page
    • Price sets can be used with multiple events simultaneously - unless the event dates are identical, you'll want to create a copy of the price set so that the dates can be configured accordingly
  • If only members can view discounted price options make it clear to your members that they must be logged in or access the registration page through the use of a provided checksum token