Google to shame unencrypted websites!

In a recent blog post, Google announced that it will soon, in the Chrome browser, mark as insecure websites that are using unencrypted communications (ie. http:// instead of https://). We can't wait for this to happen!

Cividesk has always put a strong emphasis on security and privacy. We have customers that deal with very sensitive matters and believe that the communications between their constituents and the website or CRM run by these organizations should remain private. To this end, we have long implemented a policy of 'all HTTPS, all the time' and pride ourselves on maintaining an A+ rating for our SSL configuration. All of our customers directly benefit from these policies and have their website forced over https and secure communications, even if the client only requests an unsecure http connection.

With this announcement, we are hoping that Google will inspire other browser vendors to implement the same policies, and all website owners to seriously consider switching to secure communications.