How to include Headers in Profiles

Let's say you have a registration profile you are using for an event in which you are collecting both the home and work addresses for an individual.

As you can see in the screenshot below, without headers, it is hard to see where the fields related to the personal information end and where the fields related to the professional information begin.


With the inclusion of formatting fields with headers, your profile can be more organized and easier for the registrant to enter data. It can look like this:


Since a profile is limited to the creation of one contact of the same type, the ability to include headers can be especially helpful.1
All the fields are related to the contact type "Individual" but the use of the headers clarifies the distinction between the fields related to the personal information and the fields related to the professional information. 

To include headers in your profiles2:

  1. Navigate to Administer > Customize Data and Screens > Profiles
  2. Click on the Fields hyperlink to the right-hand side of the profile in question
  3. Click the Add Field Button
  4. Select "Formatting" from the Field Name drop-down list
  5. Enter an identifiable Field Label
  6. In the HTML Code3 field, enter the following:
    1. <p>   Defines a paragraph
    2. <h3> Defines the start of the HTML heading format
    3. The text highlighted in yellow is the desired label for the header
    4. </h3> Defines the end of the HTML heading format
  7. Click the Save button


1IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that for contribution pages that allow individuals to contribute on behalf of an organization, information about the organization should be collected in the Organizational Profile selected in the configuration of the Title tab.

2Cividesk clients: visit the article from our knowledgebase :How to Include Headers in Profiles" for visualized instructions

3For additional HTML formatting options, run an internet search on "basic html tags"