Improvements to language options in CiviCRM

Some may know that CiviCRM operates in many different languages quite effectively. This is a feature receiving consistent improvements, the most recent being the ability for mass emails to identify the spoken language of the mailing recipient.

Until now, there was no effective way for CiviCRM to determine the target language of mail merge tokens when mass emailing. Consequently, many emails would end up with:

1. Badly translated tokens (ex: prefixes such as « Mrs » appeared in English instead of being translated to « Mme » when sending out content written in French)
2. Links that didn't point to content in the right language (ex: ubsubscribe pages could be shown in an unfamiliar language)

Without a reliable method to decide on the target language of a message, token substitutions would be applied based on the site's default language. This limitation has now been fixed. Organizations that must reach out to a linguistically diverse network can do so with the certainty of reaching out to their constituents in a language they understand. (cont.)

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(blog source CiviCRM by samuelsov)