Introducing Tamar as our new Customer Support Manager

Tamar first met Nicolas Ganivet, Cividesk Co-Founder and Principal, at the end of 2015 while working in customer support and data migration for another CiviCRM provider. Tamar was introduced to Virginie Ganivet and the rest of the CiviDesk team in early 2016 and they continued to collaborate through partnerships in the CiviCRM community.

Called in to bolster support for Cividesk over the summer of 2017, Tamar's part-time contract turned into a full-time job as Cividesk's new Customer Support Manager as of September 1, 2017.

Tamar's focus is on the optimization of customer support operations, processes and controls to ensure continuous improvement, efficiency and high quality customer service. Tamar will also assist Account Managers as a technical consultant on accounting integration and other special projects.

Armed with an MBA and a Masters of Science in Management Information Systems from Boston University, Tamar's nearly 20 years of experience have helped her hone an expertise in strategic business planning, budget and finance management in both the private and non-profit sectors. Since her introduction to CiviCRM in mid-2011, Tamar's experience in supporting end users in daily operations for close to 90 organizations has helped her develop a niche understanding of all things financial with regards to CiviCRM. Tamar is an admitted Excel junkie, and inherited from the maternal side of the family is a passion for languages - English is her first mother tongue with Hebrew coming in a close second. Tamar is also fluent in Spanish, was at one point fluent in French (she still has full comprehension, but lack of use has rendered her a mute), and she now needs 4 hands to speak Italian.

When not working, Tamar lets her artistic side express itself through jewelry design and cake decoration. Tamar, her husband and two children are named after different types of trees, and they make good by their names in sharing deeply rooted, close-knit relationships with family and friends.