Introducing Yashodha Chaku, Cividesk's new Technical Manager

Yashodha has been a member of the CiviCRM core team since the very begining. After graduating from college with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science (Pune University), she started working for CiviCRM. She has always been amazed by the sheer amount of enthusiasm and expertise that community members bring to the table and is now excited to be transitioned as part of this amazing community from being a core team member to someone who will work alongside CiviCRM's customers. Yashodha has seen CiviCRM grow from its nascent stages and is really proud of how far it has come and is keen to contribute back to its steady growth while working with Cividesk.

She has previously been responsible for the various CiviCRM releases which included coordinating with the core team to ensure quick fixes for any outstanding issues, project managing for the India team in addition to working on various pieces of the software.

Born in Kashmir, Yashodha currently lives in Bangalore with her family. She's passionate about traveling, hiking, cooking and spending time with her daughter.