The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast

The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast (IACC) is a non-profit, U.S. corporation officially recognized by the Italian Government which is devoted to fostering trade between the United States and Italy.

The Chamber has grown substantially since its inception in 1991, a direct reflection of the rapidly expanding and increasingly prominent Italian business community in the Southeastern United States. Florida, in particular, represents the driving force of the regional economy due to its extraordinary geopolitical location, cosmopolitan and innovative environment, and role as a major international trade hub. The State has fast become the ideal platform for Italian companies and other multinational corporations/headquarters doing business with the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Our Chamber boasts a qualified corporate membership of almost 300 companies of both Italian and American origin, including some of the most prestigious “Made in Italy” brands.

The IACC counts on many institutional partners both in the U.S. and Italy. Our organization is part of the Assocamerestero the official association of the Italian Chambers abroad officially recognized by the Italian government. We also work in close collaboration with the Consulate General of Italy to promote the development of trade between and access to the Italian and U.S. markets in a whole host of sectors, including but not limited to food & beverage, logistics, fashion & lifestyle, marine industry, and interior design.

The IACC is a staunch defender of artisan craftsmanship, enterprise, and small and medium sized businesses – the backbone of the Italian economy. By organizing delegation visits of U.S. buyers to Italy along with local trade and networking events designed to introduce new Italian products to the U.S. market, we are the face of “Made in Italy” – a concept synonymous with quality and excellence – in the Southeastern United States.  Assistance ranges from a  basic consultation to tailored services designed to accommodate a company’s specific needs, from logistics, to marketing, to translations. 

Additionally, the Chamber supports and is involved in the organization of various economic and social events, which contribute to educational conditions in the region while promoting the public image of Italy, its people, and its industries.