Making a difference around the world with Kiva Microloans

Giving Back is a cornerstone of the Cividesk company culture. In addition to offering pro-bono services to qualifying organizations, we consistently fund loans for deserving and underserved small businesses and entrepreneurs across the globe via the Kiva initiative because we too believe that "Dreams are universal. Opportunity is not."

Cividesk now has more than 70 open loans, helping people such as:
Pacifique, a refugee now living in Rwanda. Our loan is helping her purchase important medicine for her pharmacy.
Dewitt in California. Our loan is helping him purchase new bee hives after his were destroyed in the Santa Rosa Tubbs fire.
Darius in Zambia. Our loan is helping to increase his cash on hand for his mobile transactions business, thereby facilitating financial exchanges within his community.
Mahmoud in Palestine. Our loan is helping to finance his law studies at his local University so he can one day become a great lawyer and provide income for his family.

Learn more on these and other people we are helping achieve their dreams.

Anyone can help finance dreams for underserved and underpriveleged communities around the world for just $25! Find out how you too can make a difference. Visit Kiva for all the details.