The Media Consortium

The Media Consortium is a network of the country’s leading, progressive, independent media outlets. Our mission is to amplify independent media’s voice, increase our collective clout, leverage our current audience and reach new ones.  We believe it is possible and necessary to seize the current moment and change the debate in this country.  We will accomplish this mission by fulfilling our five strategic principles.

  • Foster Collaboration and Coordination
  • Build and Diversify Media Leadership
  • Focus on Audience Development
  • Bring Money and Attention into the Sector
  • Support Innovation in Journalism and Business Models

In 2005, two-dozen leaders of independent print, radio, television, and online media came together to discuss “Independent Media and the Future of Democracy.” It was the first time in at least a decade that independent media producers and distributors came together to plan how to strengthen our effectiveness. In early 2006, we coalesced to become The Media Consortium.

Our members produce journalism that helps redefines the political and cultural debate. They take part in all levels of the decision-making process for a variety of collaborative projects. In order to be considered for membership or partnership, all interested parties must adhere to a strict set of qualifications and exhibit a commitment to bettering the independent media sector.