Navigating CiviCRM: How to find what you need fast!

Ever find yourself days or even weeks away from the next available training session, when what you need is immediate instruction on how to complete a certain task in your CiviCRM? Don't worry! Helpful resources are just a click away - below is a list of the best resources and tips on searching to help you find what you need fast!

  1. Help Bubbles 
    So ubiquitous they are often overlooked, but help bubbles can be surprisingly helpful when you find yourself in a specific area of Civi. Click wherever they are available to get specific information on the fields you are viewing.
  2. Cividesk Helptab Widget
    This little tab is the Cividesk Help Widget - it is an extension that provides contextual help for CiviCRM and can be downloaded and implemented by any CiviCRM administrator.  The articles displayed come from a variety of sources including the User and Administrator Manual and Cividesk Knowledgebase. Whenever you find yourself with a question when performing a task in CiviCRM, clicking on the tab that appears on the right-hand side will bring up a list of articles related to the given page - the number of available articles will appear on the tab - scroll through and click on a given article to view it:


  3. Cividesk Knowledgebase*
    For a full list of FAQs, visit the knowledge base. You can get there by clicking on the Support menu in CiviCRM, then clicking on the Ticketing app.  Once you reach the Cividesk Support Center, you can click on the Knowledgebase icon from the top menu or click on the FAQs hyperlink at the bottom of the screen:

    You can browse the list of help categories available, or you can use the search function. As a general rule of thumb, use only the most basic of search terms, e.g.: "Pay Later", "Price Set", "Mosaico", etc. Keep in mind, these FAQs are meant to provide you with instruction on how to complete a very specific task. For more general "How To" questions, refer to CiviCRM Documentation (see below). 
  4. Cividesk Video Tutorials*
    Also available to you from the Desk are recorded training sessions. Click on the Video Tutorials app to review the list of recorded sessions for our full 2 hour training sessions as well as our 30 minute CiviTip webinars - be sure to review the descriptions first to get a better idea of the topics covered in a given tutorial:
  5. Documentation
    Clicking on "Documentation" from the Support menu in CiviCRM will take you directly to the documentation page where you will find a list of the most up-to-date manuals available. For day-to-day functions, you will want to click on the CORE User Guide:

If you are on an LTS (Long Term Support) version of CiviCRM, or your preferred language is Catalan, French or Spanish, click on the "See all 5 editions" hyperlink for additional choices. Use the table of contents on the left-hand side to read the relevant section from start to finish, or click to expand and navigate to a specific subsection - an additional table of contents will appear on the right-hand side listing specific topics within the subsection.

Listed below are a few more tips on finding what you need in the User Guide:

To find information on anything related to contacts (e.g. groups, activities, custom data, etc.), click to expand the "Organizing Your Data Section"

The rest of the manual is (for the most part) divided into sections by entity (e.g."Contributions", "Events", "Membership", etc.) 
Use the search function to find specific instruction using the most basic of search terms, (e.g. to find information on memberships with a status of "Pending", search on "Membership Pending")

Note: there may be a bit of a delay for search terms to appear after you begin typing - you may even see an initial message of "no results found", but give it a second or two to catch up and you should see results for basic search terms.

*Denotes resources available only to Cividesk clients.